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CHANGE your pain

My Pain Diary | CHANGE PAIN®

My Pain Diary | CHANGE PAIN®

Pain can have many possible causes and everyone is affected by it differently. Therefore, it’s very important that a person describes their pain as accurately as possible so a treatment plan can be tailored to them specifically and how they’re feeling. In order to effectively reduce pain and its impact on their physical and mental health, a person’s participation in managing their pain is vital.

The CHANGE PAIN® pain diary is designed to help document and keep track of a person’s pain condition. In the diary, there are pages to

  • Detail the treatment goals agreed to between patient and doctor
  • Describe the level and impact of pain a person is currently experiencing
  • Keep track of pain, and its impact, on a day-to-day basis so it can be more accurately reported to a doctor

    Keeping track of this information can help a doctor determine whether a person is coping with their pain so treatment goals and/or treatments can be discussed and adapted accordingly.