My pain feels like a dull stabbing, throbbing pain right in the centre of my lower spine. If I don't get up out of the chair my leg goes numb and progressively works its way up so my whole leg becomes disabled.
My pain feels somebody kneading really hard into my lower back, the whole time. When I'm having a bad day it's like somebody piercing my hip with a long needle.
My pain feels like someone has pulled my leg out of its socket. And my ankle pain feels like I've sprained it when I walk.
My pain feels like a crushing feeling at the top of my neck initially like something is crushing, crushing down on my body all the time. A terrible pressure that's there.
My pain feels like the sensation you get when a rubber band is tied around your upper arm when a nurse is taking bloods. My arms and legs can feel like this for hours on end.
My pain feels like a stabbing knife in my back, and it feels like it’s inserted into my spine and twisting. I also sometimes get shooting, electric type pain, which is very intense.