The Pain Toolkit celebrates its 20th anniversary!

This year, the Pain Toolkit celebrates 20 years of helping people around the world self-manage and cope with chronic pain, as well as providing healthcare teams with resources to support their patients.

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This year, the Pain Toolkit is celebrating its 20th anniversary! As the brainchild of Pete Moore, someone who has lived with pain for many years, the concept for the Pain Toolkit began as an article for the predecessor of the CHANGE PAIN website. From the initial Pain Toolkit brochure, which offers a set of 12 tools to help and aid in pain self-management for people who live with chronic pain, the website now offers various workshops, webinars and a tailored suite of resources for healthcare professionals and people with chronic pain alike.

You can visit the Pain Toolkit website here – be sure to keep a look out for the upcoming content that celebrates its 20th anniversary. Inspired by Pete Moore and the Pain Toolkit, we have developed various resources to provide guidance on self-management for patients with chronic pain and their caregivers.

Resources can be found in the CHANGE YOUR PAIN section of the website and include a chronic pain toolkit, a pain diary and articles on how to talk to healthcare professionals about pain and how to prepare for appointments. For the Resource hub, we are developing a toolbox to evaluate functioning. The toolbox is aimed at healthcare professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of functioning in chronic pain – be sure to keep a look out for updates.